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Photos and video clips from the drag day at York

Ken after winning his class!
NRS Dragster
NRS Dragster
GSX 1246 & GSXR1000
Ford Pop
Mad Mini
Audi Coupe
Dodge Charge
V8 Imp
V8 Imp
Top Bloke
Nuf Said
You Norvern Mankey
Plymouth Fury
Plymouth Roadrunner
Get get's the T Class trophy
V6, twin turbo, supercharged, nitros!!
Oh Dear
A'll Be Back
Plymouth Roadrunner
Every car should have one
Audi Coupe
Audi Coupe vs Viva
Celica ST vs Cortina 1
Celica ST vs Cortina 2
Ken's 1st run
Ken's 3rd run
Ken's run of 13.64
Ken's 2nd run
Escort Cossie vs 4x4 Saph
Celica ST
Mad Mini
NRS Dragster
NRS Dragster Engine and run
Plymouth Roadrunner
Mk 2 RS2000
Reliant Kitten vs Viva
V8 Imp

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