Strip Down

After my last last track day at Elvington I popped down to the workshop on the Monday morning to have a look around the car to see what little bits and bobs needed attention over the winter.

I got a little carried away and by Tuesday evening the car and engine were in bits awaiting a full rebuild!!

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As I progress I'll update the page, Andy


I began by dropping the exhaust system and rear axle including the shocks and the 5 link system.

After I'd dropped the axle I found the only bad bit of rust on the car. Unfortunately it's on the chassis rail where the sleeve and bolt hold the bracket for the top trailing arm. It's going to need welding but does explain a knock I couldn't find when everything was in place.

With the axle out of the way things don't look too bad, apart from that trailing arm mount but that's easily sorted.


Starting to lay everything out ready for stripping down, cleaning and painting.



Now for the front end.

As you can see I've removed the bonnet and wings. The front wings are fibreglass and simply bolt on as the inner wings etc. have been boxed and strengthened so the wings bare no load.



The suspension is dropped out in one piece and joins the rest of the bits on the workshop floor.

Next comes the engine, pretty easy as it's only got about half a dozen wires connected to it and it mounts directly to the chassis.




All looks good in the engine bay with no rust, rot or bends anywhere. There's quite a bit of oil though, as the engine was blowing it out of the n/s rocker cover at Elvington.





The engine and box are now out.


Here you can now see the modified slam panel. There's not much standard on this car.


Now the rear arches are off the car. I'll be putting new ones on along with new one piece front wings.

Here's a couple of shots of the rear suspension turrets. I haven't seen another Mk1 Escort with this configuration and would be interested to hear about any.



And another view from inside the car with the seats and firewall removed.

The engine looked pretty good although some of the cam followers are badly dished. No matter, it will be getting a new cam, cam kit, timing chains, bearings, gaskets, rings etc. before it's put back together.

On closer inspection it became apparent that whilst the crankshaft itself is OK the shells are quite badly scored. The cam, however, is another matter.


Several of the lobes are almost ground flat and I can't believe the engine was running so well in this state.



To be continued here - Click here

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