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Mk1 Mexico - Sold


The car came to me from RSEscorts via RickB. Unfortunately, while the car goes like fook, not a lot was know about it's exact spec, hence the gaps below.

It's a rally prepared Mexico, with strenghtened shell, strut brace, bubble arches, roll cage etc. running a bored out Crossflow which revs to approx 8,500. The first picture shows the car competing in the Berwick Classic Rally a couple of years back. The second is from November's Classic Ford and shows the car in action at Croft. You can see more by clicking here.

Fully strengthened 2 dr shell, glass fibre bubble arches (excellent), sunroof.

1600 711 block, bored out to 1700, high compression,
twin 40 Dell'Ortos with ram pipes and K&N filters, big valve head, flowed and ported, double valve springs, BCF2 cam.

4 speed, quickshift, offset to the left

Front: 2.8 Bilstien stuts with 1" lowered 190lb springs,

Rear: Single leaf spring, Spax shocks

Front: 2.8 vented discs, M16 calipers
Rear: 8" drums

Wheels and Tyres:
6x13 RS alloys, diamond cut / polished with gravel 165/61R13's or
8x13 4 spoke Revolutions with Sumo Racer 205/60R13's

Stripped out, centre console, firewalled. All lines and electric run through the car. Full roll cage, Cobra race seats. Battery in boot

Mk 2 rack and column. Springalex wheel.

Twin 40 Dellorto DHLA's in place
Centre console and gear knob
Alloy rocker cover
Cobra race seats

New console fitted

Competing in the Berwick Classic
Taking Hawthorn at Croft
Quarter shot
Profile shot
In action at an autotest
In action at an autotest
8X13 Revolutions fitted
Mex & V8
Lowered and grill painted
Front near side quarter
Front off side quarter

Rear near side quarter
Rear off side quarter

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