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Genuine Gp 1 Series X RS2000 - Sold


When Dave bought DDA the whole XPack was cracking away from the body and a full length Sunroof was in place wrapped in Vynal. He saw past it all and this is the end result of the restoration work.

Modified 2.2 Gp1 Spec Pinto
Engine is SeriesX Gp1 2.2 Overbored with new Pistons.
Stage 2 head, modified and ground with inlet doweled and matched.
Fuel pump is a Facet Silver top (Located in Boot).
Twin Webber 45's with twin Webber Linkage.
New K+N Filters.
Kent RL2 Cam with Vernier Timing.
Flywheel and Rods lightened and balanced.
The starter is Sierra 2.0i.
Distributer is a non vac Piper rally or race jobby.
Coil is from an XR2 so has a good spark.
New Plugs, leads and Ignition system.
Luminetion Ignition.
NGK 7's sparks.
8mm Competion HT leads.Performance manifold of 2" dia.
Gp1 ,2 1/4" Custom built 2 Peco Box Right hand exit system. Bottom end is balanced and has the standard RS sump.
Serc 8 row oil cooler.
Capri 2.8i rad with the funnels changed to match.
The engine runs on Valvoline Racing Oil just now. Power band is 2,800 to 7,500.
Dynoed at 150bhp at 5,200rpm and still climbing steeply but operator backed off as he did not want to hammer it on the rollers. He reckons it easily puts out 160bhp.
The power is very drivable too which is nice.

New 5 speed Type 9 gearbox.
Quick Shift Kit.
Sierra 2.0i Clutch Kit.
2 Piece Standard Prop.
Diff is LSD Quaiffe worm type. 3.9:1 ratio.

Front: Gp1 Bilsteins Struts and 190lb springs.
Roller Top Mounts.
Anti dive kit.
Rear: Forest Spec Rear Billisteins.
Panhard rod and the standard RS2 anti tramp bars.

Front: Tarox vented and Gooved discs with M16 calipers.
Tarox Red Dot Pads.
Rear: Standard grooved rear drums and Tarox pads.

Wheels and Tyres:
5 off 7.5" RS Alloys spun and resprayed in correct Grey/Black.
215 50 13's for the front, 235 50 13's for the rear

Full Custom Pack.
Fishnet Recaro seats in black.
New door cards in black with no holes.
3 point Willans harness's fitted to proper reinforcement plates above the axle with the Ford sealer.
Custom centre console housing 3 Guage Pod
1 off Water Temp.
1 off Oil Pressure.
1 off Battery Amps.

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