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Javelin Track day at Croft October 2008

In October I popped along to a Javelin track day at Croft with a few of the lads from Cleveland and North Yorks RSOC. Once again I was in the Sierra, as I didn't fancy risking the Mk1 on a cold and wet track, but unlike the last time in the summer it's now got new discs and pads all round but more importantly it's now running a full set of track day tyres. It makes a huge difference as I'm able to hold the apexes and barely need to touch the brakes compared to last time we were there in the summer.

It was an excellent day and here's some of the in car footage.

First a couple of laps behind Rob in his rwd XR and Steve in his 4x4. Rob does a bit of "skidding", watch out for the new M5 and Steve has a bit of an off at Barcroft laugh.

and the same sequence taken on the bullet cam strapped to the door mirror

Then it was time for a bit of M3 chasing, I couldn't hold him on the straights but through the corners I was having to back right off as he didn't have the same levels of grip smirk I'll have to find the in car footage of this.


This clip has all 3 of the Sierra's on track together, Steve and Rob are running the 24v Cosworth version of the V6 so they can usually pull away from me a little but I had the better grip this time so I was able to hold onto them


And finally an out lap with the telemetry from my G-Tech inlaid - finally remembered to bring it with me


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