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Durham RSOC Track day and Show at Croft 2008

Just a couple of pics the weekend - again too busy having fun on track - and these were in the pits anyway. Welcome to the Cleveland Group garage

Ken having fun

Catching and passing an XR3

But there was plenty of in car footage so here it is. Double click the clips to open them fully and watch in high quality.

I must remember to warm those tyres up properly


Following a couple of the lads and then passed by some quick Evo's. Should have put new tyres on, the car was pushing wide all day.


A Cleveland Group clip. Steve in the Anglia, Rob in the 3dr, Jim in the RS200 and filmed from my XR4x4. At the end of this clip I'm passed my Mickey in his Escort but he can peddle it a bit :)


A slight off in Tigger while following Mickey - into the corner way fast, ooops blush.


The nearside tyres were totally shot by this point as were the brakes from the constantly having to left foot braking through the corners to try and keep the front in. See the next Croft trackday for the difference, new discs and pads all round but more importantly 888's wink

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