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Photos and video clips from the track day at Elvington

We toddled off to the Easytrack day at Elvington in the Mk1 V8 to find ourselves with the only Old Skool car on the track. It was quite interesting dicing with the Lotus' and Lotus 7 style cars as you can see from the video section. Still it was an excellent day.

It takes all sorts.  Mk1 with Porsche
206 running throttle bodies
Elise's as far as the eye can see
Elise and Exige
This is a working car
Nuff said
This teddy wasn't quick enough
Elise and Exige
Elise's as far as the eye can see
Beautifully turned out
Blade powered F27
Blade powered F27
Integrale Turbo
No messing. It go boom!!!
Andy's first stint
Rick's first stint
Mad bloke in an Integrale
In car footage with Andy
Rick at the wheel again
Not sure who was driving here

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